A world leader in monolithic refractories, Calderys delivers top flight refractory products manufactured in its 18 production facilities spanning across 16 countries. Along with the materials, the company provides design, installation, maintenance, and repair service support as well. The comprehensive and strong performing product portfolio of Calderys is the result of innovative concepts, technological expertise, and over 100 years experience in the refractory business. Calderys is a reliable innovative refractory solution supplier that delivers consistent quality and brings you performance you can trust.

Key Facts & Figures

Calderys is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imerys.

  • World leader in monolithic refractories
  • Over 2,000 employees
  • 180 professionals working at customer sites
  • 18 plants in 16 countries with over 30 country sales offices
  • 600,000 tons capacity
  • Approx. 500 million Euro in annual revenues
  • 3 R&D Centers
  • 11 Design & Engineering Centers
  • 100 project managers and supervisors to support installation of refractories
  • 1,000 products, which include 3 well-established and best performing international trademarks CALDE™, SILICA MIX, ALKON®, and long established brands in India and Asia such as ACCMON, TAICAST.
  • 70 Technical Experts and engineers providing support services worldwide
  • In-house training dedicated to improving skills, competencies, and refractory business knowledge
  • Calderys is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imerys.

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R&D | Calderys Expertise

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Market oriented scientists, engineers, and technicians aim to meet global and local requirements. Our innovative solutions are complemented by best business practices and a strong commitment to EH&S.

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CALDE™ Range |

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CALDE™ by Calderys is a top notch range of refractory materials that were selected to reduce installation and drying time and energy consumption.

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Project Management | Testimony

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Blending technical knowledge with practical experience, our dedicated project managers provide the organization and coordination needed to support installation and special projects worldwide.

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