Calderys operates 19 production facilities in 16 countries and manufactures a range of over 1,000 reference formulas with constant quality thanks to an integrated industrial capability based on benchmarking and best practices.

We have a wide range of products spreading across multiple geographical regions and this greatly contributes to our success as a global player in the refractory market. We are also fortunate enough to have access to high quality raw materials. A perfect example would be our silica mine in Amål, Sweden, which is world renown for its unique high quality quartzite deposits.

Our plants are constantly being modernized and upgraded in line with the latest technology for our industry.
We build production lines which are not only very productive but also extremely flexible in order to reduce lead times to meet the delivery demands of our customers.

Here are a few examples of recent facility upgrades:

  • Rebuilding of South African plant
  • New tap hole clay line in India
  • New flexible bagging units in Sézanne, Höganäs, and Neuwied (allowing better service and a reduction in delivery time for our customers)
  • New plant in China

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International projects involving multiple business units are commonplace at Calderys. This is a fine example of employees utilizing company resources to better serve our customers.

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