Material Selection


Exceptional design starts with selecting the right material for your process.

Experienced regional sales engineers familiar with your local market and industry conditions will work with you to choose the best product for your process and optimize the often competing factors of performance, lifetime, and cost.

Additionally, market segment managers with a global knowledge of their industry are available for consultation in the case where a broader, or unique, solution is needed. These individuals strive to stay at the front of the latest developments in their field and actively work to bring these emerging technologies/solutions into our designs.

More specifically, our technical expertise includes:

  • Deep understanding of the customer’s industrial process achieved through experience
  • Proven refractory solutions for numerous industrial processes: Steel, Iron, Foundries, Boilers, Incinerators, Cement, and Petrochemical
  • Knowledge-based design incorporating the fields of ceramics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, mechanics, and more
  • Knowledge of the chemical interactions between refractories and your process

A new refractory solution will always have an associated cost; however, with careful material selection it will bring:

  • Reduced downtime for installation and maintenance
  • Reduced manpower requirement for the refractory installation and maintenance
  • Increased production volume/quality/reliability
  • Safer production conditions
  • Proper product lifecycle management (less environmental pollution)

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Calderys Nordic completed an installation project in the Tyssedal-Norway TiZir Titanium plant. Calderys, thanks to its expertise and production facilities, was able to cope with unexpected double tonnage.

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Market oriented scientists, engineers, and technicians aim to meet global and local requirements. Our innovative solutions are complemented by best business practices and a strong commitment to EH&S.

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The Calderys new cast in situ and precast QD™ solutions installed at steel plants in Germany allowed the performance of their steel ladles (ladle lip zone).

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An integral part of the metallurgical process, our monolithic concept for ladles help to control pollution of the steel, chemical & mechanical stability, whilst ensuring the safety of the operators.

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