Calderys has been involved in providing refractory solutions for a long time. Our staff knows that monolithic refractories achieve their final properties not during production in the factory, but during the installation on site. It is a fact that skillful installation contributes significantly to the final performance of refractory products.

At Calderys our research and development experts constantly seek ways to improve the application methods for our products. The following are some notable products that improve installation by increasing quality, reducing labor involved, or improving safety:

  • Self-flowing materials – CALDE™ FLOW- allow high-performance material to be quickly installed into difficult access locations saving on installation costs and improving performance in these areas.
  • Hyrate products- CALDE™ HYRATE- allow plastic materials with good thermal shock resistance to be applied via gunning, resulting in a large increase in the rate of application of these materials over the traditional ramming method of installation, which has associated health risks.
  • SprayCast™ materials – CALDE™ SPRAYCAST- combine the technical qualities of a cast material with a gunning installation method. SprayCast™ process also called shotcrete, is characterized by an extremely high output rate.
  • Low-Porosity Gunning materials – CALDE™ GUN L give comparable qualities of a cast material in a gunned product, while allowing the use of conventional equipment for installation.
  • Pre-cast pieces allow for faster, easier, and less risky installation, and can be used to produce complicated shapes that achieve superior performance. Our new ranges of CALDE™ BLOCK ROOF, CALDE™ BLOCK SKIDS and CALDE™ BLOCK POST are bringing the best of the art precast pieces to the reheat furnaces market.

Additionally, we also offer detailed training and education initiatives through the Calderys Academy, on most advanced installation techniques.

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Gunning | Low Porosity

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The Calderys innovative Low Porosity Dense Gunning installation technology can improve jobsite installation efficiency by approximately 50 percent.

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Shotcreting | CALDE™ SPRAYCAST

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This extremely efficient shotcreting technology can achieve properties similar to casting, but with efficiency and installation speeds that exceed normal gunning methods.

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Training | Calderys Academy

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The Calderys training program disseminates knowledge about refractory solutions amongst the group to better serve the needs of our customers. The program draws on our experience in innovation.

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