CALDERYS Expertise in Boiler


CALDERYS Expertise in Boiler

Calderys has over 100 years of experience in the worldwide boiler and power generation industries, where we are considered a reference supplier. Our most recent successes include projects in the Nordics, Poland, Germany, India and China.Our pioneering implementation of innovative monolithic products and design solutions that safeguard profitability thanks to better energy efficiency, reduced maintenance downtime, and longer repair cycles. Our worldwide presence and local experience allow us to propose the most suitable and cost effective technical solutions that will contribute to our customers' productivity and efficiency. For the boiler industry, we focus our efforts on the following concerns:

  • Safety, reliability, and productivity of equipment
  • Improving resistance to thermal shock, abrasion, and corrosion

Products & Applications

We offer a full range of products and solutions based on our monolithic refractory range. We cover the different types of boiler units:

Tank melting and
holding furnaces

These units suffer from stresses such as severe abrasion, acid corrosion (petcoke is burned producing high amounts of sulfur), CO corrosion (lower part of the combustion chamber creating cracking and spalling), and thermal shock. Because the quantities of burned fuels are regulated by the quantity of steam needed by the alternator, thermal cycling is very important in power plant boilers. This leads to thermal shock with stop & go's, which bring the temperature from 800°C/900°C to a minimum temperature of 200°C/300°C. It can occur anywhere between once a week and ten times a day and can cause serious damage to the refractory lining if not designed accordingly. Calderys has developed a dedicated range that meets the requirements of this specific boiler's wear condition, CALDE™ CAST M. These medium and low cement castables have a high mechanical strength, present a high abrasion resistance, and have a high thermal shock resistance. They face various wear conditions with good service life. CO resistant versions are used when CO corrosion is a concern. Alkali resistant castables, with similar performing mechanical properties, are available if needed such as for biomass boilers. Our CALDE™ RAM phosphate bonded ramming range, known for excellent abrasion resistance, is the answer to sulfur corrosion when petcoke is used. For the impact zone of cyclones in circulating fluid bed boilers we provide our best seller CALDE™ CAST GIBRAM.

Although the refractory lining must withstand these stresses, thermal conductivity to the tube-walls must also be maintainded. SIC additions are used to customize the thermal conductivity of the lining, thereby optimizing energy recovery. Our CALDE™ range offers products with SiC additions from 10% to 90% to fulfill this requirement.

Boilers also require short stoppages and fast installations. Calderys was the first to come to the market with two dedicated product ranges adapted to the new gunning technologies CALDE™ SPRAYCAST for the shotcreting and CALDE™ GUN L for low porosity dense gunning of low cement products with high abrasion and alkali resistance. Service life of these gunning mixes is similar to corresponding cast-vibrated products.

Installation, Commissioning and Turnkey Maintenance

Well aware of refractory and boiler processes knowledge, our experimented supervisors and installers provide expert technical guidance and the best suited installation equipment to ensure the refractory performance during service.

Calderys employs dedicated skilled staff and the latest advances in refractory installation equipment. This can be applied to small, large, and turnkey projects alike depending on the requirement. Alternatively, we can support the customer's own staff by supervision, project management, equipment, and also direct installation training.
Our aim is to ensure the best installation and dry-out of the refractory so that the customer gets maximum performance.

Once in service, the refractory may require specific maintenance which again can be supplied depending on the customer needs. In some cases, and depending on the situation, services may be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, ensuring minimum downtime for the customer—especially for unplanned emergencies.

Turnkey new Projects

Our engineering teams, dedicated to the boiler and power generation industries, help customers meet a wide range of requirements such as: refractory lining design, heat transfer calculation, quotation, planning, installation, dry-out. We provide these services to the 10 top engineering companies worldwide.

Calderys is often invited to take part in the development of a technical solution. Familiar with the specific processes of each type of units, we are able to engineer a refractory solution, provide project management services, and advise on the proper installation techniques for new projects. We have an excellent reputation for providing reliable solutions and thus have created many long-lasting relationships with our customers, end users, and engineering companies which have praised our products . Our strategic partnerships with the customers ensure that we develop market-oriented solutions. Due to our 100 years of experience in the boiler and power generation segment, Calderys has the capability to become an integrated refractory partner and meet all the needs from solution design to implementation.

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