CALDERYS Expertise in Reheat furnaces


CALDERYS Expertise in Reheat furnaces

For decades, Calderys has been working on developing innovative projects in monolithic refractory technology for reheating and heat treating furnaces of different sizes and capacities. All our offerings are based on energy saving solutions that improve the performance of the customer's equipment. We have sustained a long-lasting working relationship with the reheat industry – end users and OEM - in all types of furnaces: walking beam, walking hearth, pusher furnaces, and also rotary hearth, annealing and other thermal treatment furnaces.

It has become a necessity to supplement the reheat furnace industry and the rolling mills with a fully integrated refractory partnership which supplies materials, technology and installation services. Our advantageous solutions for reheat furnaces are based on our wide range of products and support from our marketing, research, drawing office, and sales teams.

Products & Applications

Our comprehensive range for rolling mill, reheat, and treatment furnaces is composed of alumina based products. It includes dense and insulating castables, self-flowing castables, dry gunning and shotcreting materials, ramming, casting and gunning of plastic mixes, dry vibrating mixes, and prefabricated shapes.

Our innovation process is based on a world class R&D team, coupled with very specialized construction and design offices for designing customized solutions in anticipation of future needs. We have recently developed very efficient and innovative solutions which improve the availability of the furnace and thus reduce considerably the shutdown time during the installation. One of the best examples would be our QD (quick dry) product range, which allows to reduce the dry-out time by yp to a 50%. We have also developed a precast solution, CALDE™ BLOCK, which is very sustainable for the following reasons:

  • No shuttering
  • Quick installation
  • Faster heating and less susceptibility to explosions
  • No need for machinery

Calderys most used products for batch and continuous furnaces:

  • CALDE™ GUN M 60

Continuous Furnaces

We offer customized solutions based on a complete range of products that are adapted to the reheating process. The hearth high valuable castables have been specifically developed to achieve a long campaign and out of the necessity to avoid any defect that could damage the stocks. Skids and posts are unique to the pusher and walking beam furnaces. The right insulation contributes greatly to energy savings and steel quality avoiding black marks. We provide solutions in either cast in situ or precast pieces.
Our high performance range of insulating products allows Calderys to replace, advantageously, the previously used ceramic fiber materials.

Calderys is able to offer high performance solutions for the following furnaces to meet your needs:

Tank melting and
holding furnaces

Calderys most used products:


Batch Furnaces

Our solutions offer fast, user-friendly installation, good lining performance, and overall energy costs savings. Our high performance product range also includes materials in the following fields for batch furnaces:

Tank melting and
holding furnaces

Calderys most used products:

  • CALDE™ GUN F 66
  • CALDE™ GUN 815

Installation, Commissioning and Turnkey Maintenance

With specialized technical support, including refractory and reheat processes knowledge, experimented supervisors and installers, Calderys provides expert technical guidance and the most suited installation equipment to ensure the best refractory performance during service.

Calderys employs dedicated skilled staff and the latest advances in refractory installation equipment. This can be applied to large, small, and turnkey projects alike depending on the requirement. Alternatively, we can support the customer's own staff by supervision, job management, equipment, and also direct training. Our aim is to ensure the best installation and dry-out of the refractory so that the customer gets maximum performance. Due to a vast number of references, Calderys has a considerable amount of expertise in all types of reheat furnaces.

Once in service, the refractory may require specific maintenance which again can be supplied depending on the customer requirements. In some cases, and depending on the situation, services may be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, ensuring minimum downtime for the customer—especially in times of unplanned emergencies.

Turnkey new Projects

Our engineering teams, dedicated to the Reheat furnaces industry, help customers meet a wide range of needs such as: refractory lining design, heat transfer calculation, job quotation, installation, dry-out, and start-up/operating instructions & planning.

Calderys is often invited to take part in the development of a technical solution to cover specific needs. Familiar with the specific processes of each customer, we are able to engineer a refractory solution, provide project management services, and advise on the proper installation techniques for new projects. We have an excellent reputation for providing reliable solutions and thus have created many long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our strategic partnership with the customer ensures that we develop market-oriented solutions. Due to our 100 years of experience in the Reheat industry, Calderys has the capability to become your integrated refractory partner and meet all your needs from solution design to implementation.

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