BF Hearth Grouting



In many blast furnaces, Hearth Grouting is the only solution that ensures safe operating conditions for the equipment.

Hearth Grouting becomes necessary:

  • When hot spots are detected on the BF shell : at temperatures above 200°C, the shell starts to loose its mechanical properties, opening doors to distortion, a loss of support to the refractory lining, cracking, creation of gas passages between the cooling elements, and the shell.
  • In case of gas tracking in the BF hearth area close to the tap-hole: this can disturb the iron cast by severe splashes and spittings phenomena. The consequent temperature increase around the cooling elements can lead to quicker erosion of the hearth.
BF Hearth Grouting
BF Hearth Grouting

Calderys has developed an innovative and highly efficient solution to solve hot spots on the blast furnace shell and gas tracking around the tap-hole face by injection of a dedicated grout. The injection product, CALDE™ INJECT GS 55, seals holes and reinforces the refractory lining.

We designed a grouting machine specifically for the application of CALDE™ INJECT GS 55 and it has already proven effective in more than 60 blast furnaces worldwide (including China). Due to its composition (silicon carbide and carbon based) and a particular binding system, the CALDE™ INJECT GS 55 benefits consist of:

  • High sealing properties
  • Easily injected into the blast furnace thanks to grain size and viscosity
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Easy re-injection on previously used grouting holes thanks to its particular binding system
  • Product ready to use (delivered in buckets)

Thanks to our worldwide capabilities, Calderys is able to provide a full service solution adapted to the operations of your blast furnace thus increasing the service life of your equipment.

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Our mission is to help you meet your ever increasing production and productivity targets, whilst protecting the safety of your people and the integrity of your equipment. Our focus is to deliver safe, reliable and high performing refractory solutions customized to your needs. Our international production and sales facilities allow us to develop and deliver customized solutions based on monolithic and ready shape monolithic refractory materials worldwide in a fast, efficient, and safe manner.


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