To meet our customer’s needs, we pride ourselves on offering not only reliable innovative monolithic refractories, but also a wide range of precast pieces and bricks.

For many years, Calderys has been considered by its customers to be a major solution provider and partner, developing new and innovative products and concepts that reflect the continuing demands placed upon us. Our professionals have an extensive background in material science and refractories, benchmarking state of the art solutions, participating in worldwide research projects and gathering information through a network of local laboratories and global experts. We have experts who understand your localized industrial processes and offer solutions that are best suited to your individual needs.

By combining our knowledge and experiences, we are able to offer a comprehensive set of refractory solutions and concepts known as the CALDE™ range.

The CALDE™ range brings you:

  • Safer production conditions
  • Enhance performances in terms of lining life
  • Improved installation and repair techniques
  • Reduced production stoppages & downtimes
  • Reduced installation and drying/sintering times
  • More cost effective lining
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Global technical experts dedicated to your project
  • Worldwide technical support and service from local experts

We offer complete product packages for all types of furnaces: monolithic refractory, bricks, anchors, fibers and all needed materials.

We commit ourselves to innovation and the continuous improvement of our solutions. Hence, in 2008, we streamlined and renamed our product portfolio—retaining only the best monolithic refractory formulas. To ease the understanding of our new range, most of our products have been renamed using our international brands -CALDE™, ALKON®, SILICA MIX- followed by a logical naming system that shows what the product consists of:

  • Dense Castables casted or vibrated CALDE™ CAST
  • Gunning materials CALDE™ GUN, CALDE™ GUN L for Low Porosity Dense gunning mixes and CALDE™ SPRAYCAST for shotcrete refractory materials
  • Ramming mixes CALDE™ RAM
  • Plastic products CALDE™ PLAST
  • Ready Shapes CALDE™ BLOCK
  • Tap-hole clays CALDE™ TAP
  • Insulating materials with light weight CALDE™ LW, medium weight CALDE™ MW and super light weight with CALDE™ XL
  • Basic monolithics CALDE™ MAG

Calderys, always at the forefront of innovation, have recently developed new concept products that save time for your installation planning.

Do you need more information on the CALDE™ RANGE , contact our experts!

About Calderys

Our mission is to help you meet your ever increasing production and productivity targets, whilst protecting the safety of your people and the integrity of your equipment. Our focus is to deliver safe, reliable and high performing refractory solutions customized to your needs. Our international production and sales facilities allow us to develop and deliver customized solutions based on monolithic and ready shape monolithic refractory materials worldwide in a fast, efficient, and safe manner.


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