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A recent addition to the Calderys group, ACE Calderys, launched the implementation of the Safe Start safety training in 2008. This program was born from the need to:

  • elevate individual safety awareness,
  • create a common language of safety,
  • improve the patterns of safe thinking,
  • improve on-site and off-site work behaviors.

The training contains 90-minute modules and is given in 5 stages throughout the year. The targeted audience included over 500 employees and the main challenge was how to complete the tasks without affecting onsite production.

The program trains people to “self-trigger” and recognize the state that precedes the error—proactive prevention versus reactive treatment. This is achieved through a variety of behavioral-based visual activities including poster drawings, acting skits, and fun competitions. Gestures are extremely important in Indian culture and are communicated through fashion, aesthetic arts, religion, sculpture, and various social settings. This is exactly the reason why the program training relies heavily on visual aids; because it provides a sound methodology for recognizing, or trying to recognize, patterns of behavior that should be avoided in their every day lives.

Safety Week

Every year, the National Safety Council (a mixed organization of industries & government) of India promotes National Safety days. ACE Calderys decided to transform this idea into a week that re-affirms the goal of safety in the workplace. Safety Week, as it was named, creates an excellent social atmosphere by mixing workers with their spouses, management, personnel, and local authorities. The week is filled with team-style activities where different departments compete in friendly competitions. The program for Safety Week is built in accordance with the Safe Start training targets. The competitions are open to all employees and contract workers. The main competitions provide an opportunity to address the various subjects included in the Safe Start program. Past competitions have included:

  • Inter-Department Fire Fighting
  • Inter-Department First Aid Competition
  • "Nukkad" Competition (drama reenactment)
  • Individual Contests: Poster Competition and Slogan Competition. There are separate contests for spouses as well

The Safe Start training followed by the Safety Week demonstrations are an excellent way of visually reminding people of the unsafe behaviors that have caused or contributed to accidents in the past and for everyone to see firsthand, how the Safe Start principles can be applied. These events show our commitment and desire to reduce accidents and encourage a “Stop and Think” approach.

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