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Born from an increasing need to transfer and disseminate knowledge about refractory solutions amongst the group to better serve our customers’ needs,, the Calderys Academy was created in 2006. Calderys’ success is a product of the creativity, innovation and experience of our employees. The better we share these things, the stronger we make our business.

The Academy’s emphasis is placed on internal delivery by in-house experts, passing on their know-how built up over years of experience in the company. According to Group HR Director Matthew Conti, "training given by the Calderys Academy draws on the history of our experience in innovation so that our customers will appreciate our solutions and continue to rely on them."

Taught by a small team of senior instructors who travel the globe to deliver the courses, the Academy’s mobility factor grants training access to our entire worldwide network and this is one of its biggest advantages. Our in-house instructors draw on specialized local knowledge, which contributes to a better understanding of our customers’ needs. Furthermore, due to customer demand, the Calderys Academy offers customer training as well. “The advantage of teaching customers about the benefits of one solution over another, is that they make better decisions and have more realistic expectations of solutions,” says Heiko Schnitzer, Director of Solutions for Engineering and Constructions.

The main goals of the program include the following:

  • Transfer and disseminate knowledge about refractory solutions
  • Create a common Calderys network
  • Improve and maintain people’s employability
  • Maintain Calderys leadership in innovation

Training sessions are geared towards the following subjects: Supervisors, Sales and Engineering, Installation Techniques, Customers & Suppliers Relationship Management, Project Management, etc. EH&S training is integrated into each of these sessions.

The Calderys Academy continues to increase its enrollment figures, thus allowing for more knowledge to reach more employees. Acquiring knowledge at the local level and then disseminating that knowledge on a global scale allows for Calderys employees to increase their know-how and ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

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About Calderys

Our mission is to help you meet your ever increasing production and productivity targets, whilst protecting the safety of your people and the integrity of your equipment. Our focus is to deliver safe, reliable and high performing refractory solutions customized to your needs. Our international production and sales facilities allow us to develop and deliver customized solutions based on monolithic and ready shape monolithic refractory materials worldwide in a fast, efficient, and safe manner.


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