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Calderys QD (Quick Drying, no cement) Technology

Manufacturing industries require maximum availability of their production equipment whilst maintaining high safety standards. They want that the overall standard installation time of any monolithic refractory be significantly reduced. This is now possible with the Calderys QD (Quick Dry) Technology, which reduces heating-up and dry-out time by 50% (*), greatly improving safety during installation while demonstrating enhanced performance during service life.

The breakthrough is a novel, non-cementitious mineral refractory bond system called Quick Dry No Cement Castable (QD) that –

  • Requires no curing time
  • Demonstrates high gas permeability at low temperature allowing for a faster and earlier drying rate
  • Brings significant reduction in vapour pressure development during dry-out and heating-up (lower by a factor of 3 vs. typical low cement castables)
  • Allows water to evaporate up to 50% faster than products containing full cement bonding - whilst keeping its refractory properties
  • Is very flexible to install by roding, casting vibrating, or pumping, using regular installation equipment.
Calderys QD (Quick Drying, no cement) Technology
Calderys QD (Quick Drying, no cement) Technology

Industrial heating up schedules of Low Cement Castables & Quick Drying No Cement Castables

QD materials are being used worldwide (Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, etc.) in several industrial applications such as steel making (reheat furnaces, safety linings for Ladles, tundishes, etc.), cement (kiln hood, clinker cooler, etc.), aluminium making and foundries (Ladles, Holding Furnaces, etc.).

For more details, read our QD brochure and Ask our Expert!

(*)To acquire its final properties, regular castables need to be installed by means of adding the appropriate amount of water. Usually, with the heat up, the castables binder transforms and forms a ceramic bond by combination with part of the water. The water has to be evacuated by means of heating up to steam stage. The speed of evacuation depends on the permeability of the castable. That is why the dry-out of the newly installed refractory is critical to achieve the final desired properties of the lining by slowly evaporating the inside existing water out of the lining without damaging it. Calderys developed a new binder that gives more permeability to the gases, allowing early water evaporation at low temperature.

About Calderys

Our mission is to help you meet your ever increasing production and productivity targets, whilst protecting the safety of your people and the integrity of your equipment. Our focus is to deliver safe, reliable and high performing refractory solutions customized to your needs. Our international production and sales facilities allow us to develop and deliver customized solutions based on monolithic and ready shape monolithic refractory materials worldwide in a fast, efficient, and safe manner.


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