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Using global knowledge and expertise, we are able to follow your business around the world. International projects involving multiple countries and multicultural teams of employees are common practice at Calderys. Our channels for communication and our organizational structure enhance our ability to collaborate across national, regional, and functional boundaries.

The Network in Practices

Our Foundry segment has recently created an internal network to disseminate knowledge amongst the group and promote open discussions—all in an effort to increase their knowledge and better serve their customers. A group of over 20 employees, holding key positions in different business units, were invited to participate. The committee schedules two in-person conferences per year and also a large number of conference calls to share market knowledge, discuss customer needs and concerns, and develop new business strategies. According to Foundry Market Senior Manager, Andrew F., the Foundry network is a “good way to get answers to customer questions and share valuable learning experiences. The information is shared amongst local and global teams about our products and solutions; thus, we try to involve as many people as possible.” This working group presents a nice “value for use” to Calderys and the customers surely benefit as well.

With over 25 years of experience, Andrew states that forming long-lasting relationships with customers, rather than “just selling products," is the most important element to building their trust. Furthermore, Andrew says that “maintaining close contact with a network of longtime customers is the key to expanding the business."

Calderys has experience in all the main heavy industries worldwide and the capability to become your integrated refractory partner—meeting all project requirements from solution design to implementation. International by nature, our solutions also integrate specialized local knowledge to meet your specific needs.

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About Calderys

Our mission is to help you meet your ever increasing production and productivity targets, whilst protecting the safety of your people and the integrity of your equipment. Our focus is to deliver safe, reliable and high performing refractory solutions customized to your needs. Our international production and sales facilities allow us to develop and deliver customized solutions based on monolithic and ready shape monolithic refractory materials worldwide in a fast, efficient, and safe manner.

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