The most efficient method to install deflocculated castables is a new shotcreting technique developed by Calderys and marketed under the trademarked name CALDE™ SPRAYCAST.

The CALDE™ SPRAYCAST product range is often used to cut down maintenance shutdowns in many industries. It has become a “must have” worldwide.

The SPRAYCAST method consists of mixing the castable in a high efficiency mixer with the right amount of water, and then pumping the mix with a piston pump up to the place of installation. At the end of the transport pipe, compressed air and setting agent are introduced in the lance.
The mix is then spraycast on the target area where it stiffs immediately. The CALDE™ SPRAYCAST products can be installed on floors, walls, or roofs to any desired thickness. Using this method, the material can also be installed on complex shapes without the use of formers.

Depending on the site conditions, the size of the mixer and pump, the installation rates can be from 6 to 10 t per hour, meaning a far better rate, compared with normal gunning which doesn’t exceed 2 tons per hour.

The advantage for the installer and the end user is the extremely low rebound as the material is sprayed wet. Mechanical characteristics remain identical as per casting as the mixing water is the same.

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