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Whether you are a student, recent graduate, or experienced professional, Calderys is the ideal place to embark on an exciting and rewarding career path. We are the world leader in monolithic refractories and a wholly - owned subsidiary of Imerys—the world leader in industrial minerals, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

With over a hundred years of experience in refractory technology and installation, coupled with modern production facilities, Calderys is a reliable and innovative supplier of refractory solutions. With a worldwide network spanning across 15 countries, the career possibilities are endless. Encouraging our employees to reach their full potential, we provide career development and customized training sessions to help fine-tune their areas of expertise.

Opportunities for Professionals

With over 2,200 employees, Calderys operates a global network of 17 plants spanning across 15 countries—making it an ideal company where one can build an international profession. Due to our success in the global marketplace and our advancements in refractory technology, there is a continuous supply of new and exciting opportunities. Our goal is to not only expand and thus create new professional opportunities, but also to allow our current employees to realize and achieve their full potential. We are looking for individuals who are seeking to cultivate their expertise and grow with a dynamic company. For more information on our career development and training sessions, please see our Career Development and Training section.

Students and Recent Graduates

Are you ready to put your training and talents to the test? Come join us at Calderys. We have a strong commitment to education and we have the resources to offer a highly competitive internship program as well as exciting entry level opportunities for recent graduates. We take pride in setting individuals on a promising career path and providing each person with the necessary tools to be successful at our company. With Imerys’ strategic web of locations around the globe, the career possibilities are endless.

Here at Calderys, there is a continuous need to inject new talents into the various businesses in order to achieve our long-term goals for growth and new business development. Our internship program allows you to advance your professional abilities, work on important projects, build your leadership skills and prepare you for the future job market.

The global multi-discipline intern program runs year-round; offering internships ranging from 3 to 12 months. We accept applications from students and graduates with a wide range of expertise including, but not limited to, the following fields: ceramic engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, process engineering, finance, business, and marketing.

Training and Development

At Calderys, we have a culture of continuous learning. Our aim is to invest in the growth of our people and have our employees reach their full potential. Designed to accelerate our employee’s careers and provide them with invaluable insight into the Calderys business, we have developed The Calderys Academy.

The main goals of the program include the following:

  • Transfer and disseminate knowledge about refractory solutions
  • Create a common Calderys culture
  • Integrate newly acquired companies
  • Improve and maintain people’s employability

The courses are taught by in-house experts that pass on their know-how built up over years of experience in the company. Currently, the academy offers training programs in Sales, Technical, Project Management, and Negotiations.

Additionally, we have designed lectures and workshops to focus on specific areas of expertise such as: Customer and Supplier Training, Materials Knowledge, and Installation Techniques. In order to promote a risk and hazard free workplace, EHS training is also integrated into each of our programs.More about our Calderys Academy.

Job opportunities in calderys group

Site Manager Italy06/23/2016

The candidate will lead the industrial activities on the Italian location to a high level of operational excellence ensuring high standards on the plant, targets and delivery of continuously improved results in terms of safety, quality, cost and customer satisfaction. Calderys is seeing the entrepreneurship as a strong value to ease daily work but also to grow his managers within its organization.

Marketing & Communications Manager06/23/2016

The Marketing & Communications Manager is responsible for all internal and external communications released by the Global Markets team. The focus is on establishing a digital presence for Calderys – embracing the use of “the cloud” to establish Calderys as a clear industry leader in use of digital tools for external communication. The ambition is to lift up significantly our quality level in this field and in order to do so, the person in charge is expected to actively collaborate with the market segment managers to define clearly the value proposition of the Calderys offering  - products, engineering services or full contract. Champion the deployment and ongoing continuous improvement of Spider CRM. Establish product management process that ensures to promote successful products across regions.

Imerys Graduates Program - R&D Engineer06/14/2016

Imerys is the world leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry with more than 16 000 employees based in 50 countries and is seeking to fill its talent pipeline with a new Graduates Program. Offering a great opportunity to talented and motivated recent graduates, the Program provides Graduates rich and diverse experiences in a multicultural and challenging environment.

IT Director03/02/2016

  In the frame of the policies set by Imerys, and in close collaboration with the Calderys management team, the IT Director defines and implements the IT strategy of Calderys, in order to enhance the performance of all functions of the business.

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