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Calderys' big splash at CastExpo, Apr 29, 2016


Calderys at CastExpo

Norm Phelps and Russ Seider of Calderys USA made a big splash at CastExpo in Minnesota, April 16-20, with great interest generated by CALDETM SHIELD, CALDETM PAC, CALDETM BRICK, MICA, and SVENSKATM (known outside North America as SILICA MIX). With the help of Calderys India, Hungary, and Sweden, Norm and Russ were able to showcase Calderys’ technology at our US Partners’ booths. Several trials have been scheduled since the show, and we expect good business to develop in the remainder of 2016.  Thanks to everyone who helped work “Together For More”!

Above:  CALDETM PAC Coreless Furnace lining system and Indian-made CALDETM BRICK displayed in Pryor Giggey’s booth. We have interest from several companies in CALDETM PAC, as well as Calderys bricks for channel furnace upper cases.

Below: Russ Seider coats a small coreless furnace lining form with CALDETM SHIELD A in Refractory and Insulation Supply’s booth. This demonstration was very well-attended. The CALDETM SHIELD was mixed with Russ’s wife’s kitchen whisk (not recommended for happy marriage) in an ice cream pail and brushed on the form. The application was very easy, and the attendees were impressed by the product’s strength after it was dry (3 hours). Cost per pound was not an issue to customers, as the cost to coat the former is such a small part of the entire reline cost.  Perceived benefits far out-weigh the small investment.

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