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Calderys completes acquisition of SPAR, Sep 01, 2016


Calderys completes acquisition of SPAR, a monolithic manufacturer in Alabama, USA


  • SPAR is a leader in the industrial refractory markets of power generation and petrochemicals in North America.
  • Calderys, Monolithic Refractories division of Imerys, aims to build on the SPAR reputation for innovative products and its high level of customer service.


Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 9:00am CET

Calderys USA announced today the acquisition of SPAR Inc., a monolithic refractory manufacturer based in Alabama, USA. SPAR employs 47 personnel and is a recognized brand name in the monolithic refractory market in North America. It is headquartered in Jacksonville, Alabama, and serves a wide range of industries such as petrochemicals, power generation, cement and incineration. Founded in 1982, SPAR has a sales force covering the United States and Canada.
“We are pleased to welcome the team at SPAR to Calderys and are excited about the skills they will bring to the global Calderys business.  I am sure that the combination of the two companies will prove to be a winning formula for our customers, from both technical and service perspectives” said John Maxwell, Vice President and General Manager, Calderys Division.

"SPAR, recognized in the industry for its consistent quality products and exceptional customer service, will immensely benefit from Calderys’s ablility to expand our capabilities and resources.  I am excited to be a part of the new era of refractories and will continue to provide my technical expertise to the business,” said  Donnie McClellan, President/Owner, SPAR, Inc.

From Sep 1, 2016, SPAR will start to trade as Calderys USA. However, the people, products and customer service that built SPAR’s reputation will remain in place.

About Calderys:
Calderys is a world leader in providing monolithic refractory solutions, combining a world-class product portfolio with the ability to deliver high-quality project management support for large projects. With over 2500 employees, 18 plants, and sales offices in more than 31 countries, Calderys delivers on its promise of superior product performance and value-added service to make a difference for all who rely on it. Calderys is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imerys SA, which is a publicly listed company headquartered in Paris, France.

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