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Calderys employee receives Safety Award from Shell, Sep 12, 2011


Calderys employee receives Safety Award from Shell


Each year Shell organizes a Safety Day at all their locations to focus on Safety. The last Safety Day in the Netherlands took place on June 8th, 2011 at the Shell Moerdijk plant.


Several contractors including Calderys The Netherlands B.V presented how they integrate Safety in their daily activities at the plant. The event took place in the form of a fair where one could get an overview of the different fields at work at Shell Moerdijk. Most of the employees on duty attended the fair and took a look around. Calderys presented a booth with all kinds of tools and materials supplied and used at Moerdijk, as well as a tent in which several videos focusing on Safety where presented. It was a very stimulating event focusing on the daily safety issues, not only at and around the working spot, but also at home and on the road.

During this event, Roberto Mandella, Supervisor at Calderys, was put in the spotlight by Shell. M. Mandella had written a Near Miss report to bring to the attention of the Plant Management a safety hazard - a very low railing on the platform at great height at the MLO factory. Together with 26 Shell employees and other contractors, he received from Joke Driessen, General Manager at Shell Moerdijk and Melten Dekkers, Senior Safety Expert at Shell, a token of gratitude. "Safety Pays", says Shell!

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