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REACH & GHS compliance, Nov 10, 2011


REACH & GHS – Calderys monitors and ensures compliance in all relevant countries

Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals & Globally Harmonized System

Calderys products are considered to be mixtures and most of them are rightfully classified as safe. Nevertheless Calderys creates Safety Datasheets for all products, which are made provided to customers on a systematic basis and are also available in Europe on the Calderys Customer Net online. When REACH came into force in the European Economic Area on June 1, 2007 to protect human health and the environment, Calderys carefully analyzed its impacts. The key findings were that the majority of the raw materials used in the composition of the Calderys products are “Minerals which occur in nature” which are exempt from registration. .

Other National Chemical Inventories globally have changed or are changing more towards a REACH-like program. Calderys makes sure it is closely monitoring these changes to ensure compliance of its products in all relevant countries.

Furthermore, Calderys carefully monitors and is preparing for the implementation of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), which is intended to harmonize international hazard classification and notification systems by 2015. Calderys will complete the classification and labeling of its products according to the European Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP) regulation by 2015.

Regulatory compliance and commitments to minimize health, safety and environmental (HSE) impacts for our customers, our businesses and our employees are achieved by the close collaboration between the regulatory, purchasing and R&D departments. New and existing raw materials are screened against a. o. HSE and REACH requirements such as substances on candidate list, restriction, authorization. Calderys has put into place a dedicated team responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the raw material substitution program to reduce the number of classified substances in use. The company also makes sure that all identified risks that would remain after such analyses are communicated through Safety Datasheets and that the relevant products are properly labeled.

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