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The vital role of the operator, Sep 25, 2012



Calderys begins a series of Focus articles on the various job functions at stake to deliver "Performance you can trust". Discover today the vital role of the operators.

Wherever the Calderys operator is located, whatever the product, and however automated the line may be, performance remains the number one priority, and all operators agree that performance comes from teamwork. Overall, the operator has a strong impact on productivity and customer satisfaction making him a major contributor to the success of Calderys.

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Network Knowledge | Testimony

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International projects involving multiple business units are commonplace at Calderys. This is a fine example of employees utilizing company resources to better serve our customers.

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OEM Services | Testimony

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Built on a foundation of in-house expertise in technical and project management services, we provide design, installation, and after market services to OEM and engineering companies.

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