PLIGUN is now part of the Calderys ranges


Our product range, consisting of over 1000 active formulas fulfilling all of our customers' requirements, is the result of decades of R&D work and experience in refractory technology. It has been improved by our innovative teams through interaction with.

Our product portfolio has also benefited from the acquisition of established refractory companies whose products completed our existing range. In 2005, Lafarge Refractories was bought by the Imerys Group and merged with Plibrico International, under the name of Calderys.

The Calderys range was comprised of products that were sometimes very similar to one another. In 2008, the range was rationalized and only the best performing products were retained. Committing ourselves to innovation and continuous improvement, this product portfolio allowed us to focus on a more simplified and enhanced range.

To ease the understanding of our new range, most of our products have been renamed using our international brands (CALDE™, ALKON®, SILICA MIX). Some of our older trademarks and products, which are featured under the new naming system include: Plibrico, Plibrico Hyrate, Plicast, Plicast Strong-Lite, Plichem, Pliflow, Pligun, Pliline, Plilite, Plimag, Pliram, Plistix, Plisulate and many others.

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