Calderys Membership Certificate: Deutsche Gesellschaft Feuerfest- und Schornsteinbau

Membership certificate for Calderys Deutschland in the German refractory association Deutsche Gesellschaft Feuerfest- und Schornsteinbau.


Success Story: Ukrainian Blast Furnace Repair for Increased Iron Production

In Eastern Ukraine, a leading steel producer planned to modernise their blast furnace (BF) against all odds. Because of difficulties in obtaining critical machinery, a BF rebuild required innovative thinking to retrofit.

Success Story: Turning up the heat for a Blast Furnace project in icy Russian winter

Russia’s NTMK Nizshnly Tagil, part of the global Evraz Group, decided to schedule Greenfield construction for a new blast furnace in the deep freeze of icy winter in the Ural Federal District.


Reheat Furnaces - Refractory Concept Solutions

Discover this brochure all about the trusted Calderys refractory solutions for Reheat Furnaces.


Success Story: Increased lifetime and performance of CFBC boilers

Discover how Calderys helped a customer in India to increase refractory lifetime and efficiency for their CFBC boiler.


CALDE® SHIELD Refractory Coating: Installation Guidelines

Watch step-by-step the recommended installation technique for the CALDE® SHIELD protective coating from Calderys.


Aluminium Industry - Refractory Concept Solutions

This brochure covers the Calderys solutions for the aluminium industry, including the popular ALKON® refractory product range.


Steel Industry - Ladle Refractory Solutions

Find out about the complete Calderys refractory solution for steel ladles including bricks, monolithics, and a range of services.


Iron Industry - Tap-Hole Clay Refractory Solutions

Calderys brochure covering the popular tap-hole clay offerings for ironmakers around the world.