Calderys and China Steel in Taiwan have entered into refractory improvement partnership

Calderys and Taiwan-based China Steel Corporation (CSC) have established a number of mutually agreed projects around refractory improvement, research and sustainability that both companies will work on together in the future. 

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Calderys and China Steel Corporation (CSC) has come into effect, outlining the industry fields in which the two companies will join forces.

Calderys and CSC, iron and steel mill company and the number one steel maker in Taiwan, will work together to “co-develop refractory-based solutions to improve overall iron and steel manufacturing performance” and “enhance the strategic business relationship” between the two companies.

The two main areas for future work are listed as joint iron and steel research on refractory improvement and innovation on eco-friendly products. 

Christian Dauvé, Vice President of Calderys East Asia says: “Through a joint research lab, both companies can work closely on product improvement, innovation and sustainability. Being so closely aligned means Calderys has the opportunity to become a major refractory partner of CSC and get deeply involved in its R&D projects.” 

 A fruitful partnership

There are a number of benefits for both Calderys and CSC in entering this MOU. Joining forces means they will pool their R&D efforts to continuously enhance the performance and reliability of Calderys products in the region, improve their impact on the environment, and the health and safety of the operators, and increase the share of recycled material in the product formulations. Besides, having priority access to CSC trials will make the whole development process more efficient and faster. 

The MOU, which lays out the partnership between the two companies, was signed in January 2019 and is active now after a period of fine tuning and finalising amendments. 

“Kicking off this MOU is an achievement,” says Christian. “Calderys has been working with CSC for many years to fit its requirements on quality, productivity and delivery, and CSC can see that we have a strong foundation for science and technology in refractory materials.

“Being selected as the company’s major partner in refractory research and development signals the start of a very promising, close partnership.”

MOU China Steel Corp_Imerys


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