Refractory innovations premiered at GIFA in VR and beyond!

Calderys stand at GIFA 2019

With around 72,500 visitors from 118 countries at this year's edition, "The Bright World of Metals" trade fair including GIFA & METEC is always an exciting time for Calderys to interact with customers from all over the world. Of course our in-house experts were holding meetings to talk through our ground-breaking technologies, but we found some exciting new ways to exhibit our latest refractory innovations. For example:

  • Stealing the show was our Virtual Reality (VR) Experience which made it possible to visit our plant in India and discover a new CIF installation method in Sweden while being at GIFA in Germany.
  • A Boron-free SILICA MIX break out piece was showcased: obtaining the same results as the regular SILICA MIX refractory for foundries, but this time boron-free for highest Health & Safety compliance. A very popular attraction!

Good news on the Calderys VR Experience:
If you weren't able to make it to GIFA it's not a problem, we are happy to share this experience with you online! You will just need to ensure you access the following VR video links using a mobile device.

Ground-breaking installation method for CIF (Coreless Induction Furnaces)
We take you here to a foundry in Sweden to show you a brand new Calderys innovation in installation: there are many common safety issues with today's CIF installation methods that are eliminated thanks to our new DVM Pump, which maximises your foundry's safety and productivity.

Tour of the ultra-modern Wankaner plant in India
This Calderys plant in the state of Gujarat was built in 2015 and is one of the most automated refractory plants in the world: our production process innovation will show you that our innovations don't stop at product development.

We hope you enjoy the 360° tours, have fun!

Calderys presents refractory innovations in VR at GIFA 2019

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