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Castable refractory

Covering all your refractory product needs

Although Calderys is well known as the global leader in monolithic refractories, our product portfolio is wide-ranging: we cover all refractory products and accessories no matter the size of the job or the industry. Do you already have some specific refractory needs in mind? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Monolithic refractory

Full range covering all installation methods: Calderys is part of minerals leader Imerys group allowing priority access to raw materials and full control from the mine to the final product.

To optimise the dry-out time of your installation, Calderys offers a full range of formulations: conventional or medium-cement castables, low cement castables (LCC), ultra low cement castables (ULCC), Quick Dry (QD) and sol-gel no cement castables.

We offer globally recognised castable brands CALDE®, ALKON®, and SILICA MIX, as well as trusted regional brands such as ACCMON from India, TAICAST from Taiwan, and SPARGUN from the US, all following the same high safety and production standards.

Search the list of our global refractory product brands on the Calderys Customer Net.

Precast shapes

Also known as prefab or ready shape, we can cast custom shapes for you from our monolithic refractory perfectly tailored to your requirements. Calderys can fully adapt the precast shapes to your needs, cast at our site or yours, or you can even ship your equipment to us for full precast installation.

Electofused blocks

Fused directly from their raw materials for highest resistance in extreme conditions.

Tap-hole clay

Calderys’ best-in-class tap-hole clay is trusted by the leaders in iron & steel: we continually innovate with cleaner tap-hole clay that stays ahead of the regulations, quick drilling offerings for ultimate ease-of-use, and more.

Refractory bricks

Wide range available from magnesia-carbon to high alumina bricks.

Protective coatings

Including CALDE® SEAL and CALDE® SHIELD solutions for additional protection of your equipment.


Wide range of choices depending on your boiler design including innovative and exclusive interlocking tiles for high performance along boiler walls.

Insulating fire bricks

Expansive IFB offering meeting strict industry standards.

Grout / Mortar

Range of high performing grouting solutions with expansive setting for a firm grip. Popular options are the CALDE® TROWEL line and the SHRINKKOMP brand, well-known in India.


Calderys will be your one-stop shop for all refractory needs, with a full range of accessories available including:

  • Anchors (metallic or ceramic)
  • Insulating blankets
  • Insulating boards
  • Insulating fibres