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Calderys Refractory Innovation - Lab Testing

Innovations that bring us closer to you

At Calderys, innovation is a key priority keeping us proactive to better anticipate customer needs and market trends. Discover some of the main elements of our innovation philosophy.

  • Beyond product development: not only new refractory products but also innovative services and installation techniques
  • Global network: leveraging global expertise & resources from the worldwide Imerys group
  • Local adaptability & responsiveness: 15 strategically-located Customisation Labs around the globe to meet country-specific demands with fast response time
  • Advanced project management: latest digital tools used to ensure the most efficient path from idea generation to product launch
  • Safety focus: beyond strict safety protocols in our labs, we deliver safer new products & installation processes (i.e. to reduce air pollution, optimise formulas for higher health standards)

Recent examples of Calderys innovations tailored to customer needs:

  • High-durability BOF converter gunning: full package to minimise downtime for steelmakers through hot BOF converter repair (materials, equipment, installation)
  • ALKON ® CHEM PB 85: new repair product for aluminium producers with need for high mechanical resistance and efficient installation