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Calderys is a leading global provider for industries operating in high temperature conditions.

The Group specializes in thermal protection for industrial equipment with a wide range of refractory products, and advanced solutions to enhance steel casting, metallurgical fluxes and molding processes. Our international network of experts ensures an end-to-end offer with tailored services. Drawing on over 100 years of experience, we support our customers in their energy transition needs.

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The same attention to detail that helps us provide personalized products and solutions is also applied to our rigorous health and safety criteria.

We have procedures, controls, and company-wide safety standards to protect our own employees, as well as our subcontractors and temporary workers from exposure to hazardous situations.

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Claderys Innovation

Calderys has embarked on an exciting journey to strengthen our innovation and address the challenges of the energy transition. This involves combining incremental product evolution with disruptive solutions for a low-carbon environment. 

Sustainability underpins our R&D activity for both products and services. Digital tools will speed up development and leverage data to drive new solutions for our customers, their industries, and the planet.

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Amal Plant Sweden

Calderys pays particular attention to our industry’s impact on the environment. From the raw materials that we source and use in our products to the high temperature processes they serve.

We take a sustainable business approach that is built on three key features: helping our customers with their energy transition needs, improving our own environmental footprint and being committed to our people and local communities.

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