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Silica Mix ready to ship to your Foundry


Silica-based refractories, such as SILICA MIX, have been well known for many decades as linings for Coreless Induction Furnaces for melting and holding iron. Calderys’ SILICA MIX produced with Swedish quartzite formed on the Dalsland and processed in our Åmål plant, has the highest grade of raw material in the world and very unique properties, due to exceptional conditions during its formation * :

  • Excellent thermal stability reducing the risk of crack formation due to the microcristaline quartzite
  • Strong resistance to chemical attacks, thanks to the purity of the SILICA MIX
  • Ultra low porosity on the surface when sintered that reduces the risk of vapours to pass through the lining and condensate
  • Low level of heat losses due to a relatively low density
  • Compatibility to most slags when melting iron, as SILICA MIX is acidic
  • Available in a boron-free version for highest Health & Safety compliance

The Calderys SILICA MIX range is very well suited for most CIF and Channel Furnace applications, regardless of the alloys, melting temperatures, operating conditions and installation techniques in use. It is sold worldwide in over 60 countries. Contact us for more details on this popular product range.


CALDE® SHIELD forms an impervious layer during the sintering phase to repel vapour ingress, allowing the correct formation of the ceramic bonding necessary to withstand the conditions during melting operation. The furnace operator benefits from:

  • Increased robustness of the hot face lining from the first charge on,
  • Reduced coil damage coming from vapour condensation
  • Better reliability and predictability of the hot face lining when melting Zinc-plated scrap 

Full refractory range

Our product line for Foundry includes:

  • CALDE® CAST and CALDE® FLOW for ladles, cupola, pouring and holding furnaces
  • CALDE® RAM and CALDE® GUN for cupolas and ladles
  • CALDE® MIX for coreless induction furnaces for steel, pouring and holding furnaces and ladles
  • For repairs: CALDE® PATCH (small repairs), CALDE® TROWEL (trowelling), CALDE® STIX and CALDE® PLAST (for larger repairs)


(*) Due to an underwater volcanic eruption, silicic acid dissolved in water and precipitated in the surrounding areas, forming sediment layers called chert. The sediment layers were transformed to rock by compaction at elevated temperatures. During the cooling down of the bedrock, re-crystallization occurred and formed the unique microcrystalline quartzite that can be found at our quarry in Åmål.