Key Services

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Material Selection

Calderys provides a comprehensive range of refractory solutions for all aspects of thermal processing within the foundry, from melting over treating and transferring to casting and finally reheating, including many innovative and ground-breaking products for Coreless Induction Furnace, Cupola and Holding and Pouring furnaces.

We also offer a wide range of non-monolithic products such as bricks and insulating fibres to provide the full package from a single source.

Project Management

We provide highly specialized and skilled teams for projects of all sizes and complexities. Our Foundry-specific project engineers plan and control every aspect of the project life-cycle from concept to definition, installation, dry-out and commissioning. Our project management services also include the engineering, material selection, planning, delivery scheduling, site- and sub-contractor management and supervision, direct training of your staff and handover to your production team.

Calderys Project Services



We provide customized solutions including thermal profiling, product selection, selection of anchoring and insulation materials, development of innovative installation techniques & complete lining design.


We implement high-quality installation services on-site, using our own equipment and optimized installation techniques, as well as off-site in one of our Service Facilities. This ensures minimum downtime and optimal performance of our refractory products.

Calderys machines for installation


Service Facilities

We carry out off-site relining of Foundry aggregates from ladles to pouring furnaces in our Service Facilities at various locations. Our services cover the whole process from pick-up of your equipment to delivery of the completely refurbished equipment when needed, allowing for a timely, safe and hassle-free refractory relining and maintenance of your furnace. You benefit from a reduced downtime, reduced start-up time and a release of otherwise tied-up resources.

Calderys Service Facility in Neuwied, Germany