Refractory by Industry

Refining & Petrochemicals

Oil Refinery

Calderys is proud to partner with major global players in the hydrocarbon processing industry to provide high quality refractory products combined with customised end-to-end project services. 


Ask us about our references around the world, including projects in:

  • Oil Refineries
  • Natural Gas / LNG Plants
  • Petrochemical plants (olefins)
  • Fertilizer (syngas) plants

Thanks to our decades of experience working with top OEM, EPC, and End User companies, Calderys is a reliable choice for all your refractory needs.

    Key Services

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    Calderys project services - Furnace and panel at Dutch Oil Refinery

    Key Products

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    Engineering - Precast Reformer Dome for Petrochemicals


    Coker Furnace - Refining & Petrochem Refractory

    Coker Furnace

    Platformer - Refractory solutions


    Fired Heaters - Refining & Petrochem Refractory

    Fired Heaters

    FCC Unit - Refining & Petrochem Refractory

    FCC Unit

    Hydrogen Reformer - Refining & Petrochem Refractory

    Hydrogen Reformer

    SRU Main Burner Area - Refining & Petrochem Refractory

    SRU - Main Burner, Main Combustion Chamber and Waste Heat Boiler

    Ethylene (Naphtha) Cracker - Petrochemical Refractory

    Ethylene Cracker (Naphtha Cracker)

    Primary Reformer - Petrochemical Refractory Solutions

    Primary Reformer

    Secondary Reformer - Refractory Solutions

    Secondary Reformer

    SRU Line Mixing Burner Area - Refining & Petrochem Refractory

    SRU - Line Burner and Line Mixing Chamber

    SRU Incineration Section - Refining & Petrochem Refractory

    SRU - Incinerator Burner,Incinerator Chamber,and Waste Heat Boiler

    SRU Condensers - Refining & Petrochem Refractory

    SRU - Condensers

    SRU Reactor - Refining & Petrochem Refractory

    SRU - Reactor