Safety is a top priority for Calderys

Ensuring a safe environment for everyone

The nature of our business presents a lot of challenges for safety: Calderys’ plants are located in 16 countries with different safety standards; our employees work both on their own and on customers’ sites; we often work with subcontractors, whose safety is also our responsibility. In order to efficiently handle safety for all stakeholders we have adopted the Imerys Safety System (ISS) which consists of three pillars: compliance, continuous improvement, and communication & training.

  • Compliance: Safety compliance requirements include local laws and regulations, but also the Group’s EHS policies, procedures, and safety audit protocols. To ensure compliance, regular audits are conducted by our EHS Team.
  • Continuous Improvement: Some of the tools Calderys has implemented for continuous improvement include gap analysis and improvement plans, sharing root causes and lessons learned on incidents, and “Behavior-Based Safety” programs to improve safety culture.
  • Communication & Training: We are constantly working on improving communication and training tools in order to establish a safety culture across all regions and markets. At Calderys we believe in leading by example and we have created various programs to create a safety mindset for managers and employees at all levels.

Contact our EHS team if you need more information on our Safety practices.

Safety at Calderys

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Safety is a top priority at all Calderys refractory plants

Safety at Customer Sites

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Safety on site

Continuous Improvement

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Continuous improvement for high safety compliance

Awards and Certifications

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ISO Certificate - Calderys refractory plants

Safety Training

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Calderys safety training