Key Services

Steel Plant operations

High grade, high durability gunning package for BOF Converter

Quick and efficient repair combining Calderys’ innovative gunning products with:

  • Remote controlled application equipment (Shooter & Batch Guns)
  • Specialised application labour and supervision on a 24 hour / 7 days a week basis

Wide range of equipment available for steel application repairs 

Ask your Calderys Steel experts about all the installation machinery available to you, always keeping both safety & speed of installation at top of mind. 

Installation service offerings

  • From supervision to a full installation, we work with you based on your needs
  • From spraycasting and gunning to EAF hearth vibrating, our teams will arrange hassle-free installation that works best for you

Engineering services customised for your needs

  • Reducing effects of steelmaking stresses with optimised design
  • Lesser downtime to increase your productivity

Steel Ladle – Bottom & Sidewall repair service

Monolithic lining installation with continuous repair service on offer to ensure maximum productivity.

Tundish installation & repair support

Offering can include machines, ask your Calderys experts for full details.