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The world leader in monolithic refractory solutions, Calderys has a full product and service portfolio to adapt to the refractory needs of steelmakers. 

These full package refractory solutions cover:

  • Design optimisation
  • Product optimisation
  • Cost optimisation



Calderys is considered a reference supplier in the steel industry, offering value-added solutions based on tailor-made designs and engineering to provide refractory linings giving the best possible performance. Our comprehensive product portfolio is the result of a world-class R&D network, local expertise from over 30 locations around the globe, and over 100 years of experience in the refractory business. Discover why the top steelmakers worldwide put their trust in Calderys refractories.



Our casting fluxes, with their global reputation, are tailor-made to fit with any type of casters and steel grades. The performance of these customized fluxes can be enhanced by the continuous and controlled feed from our automatic feeders. In its third generation, the automatic feeder will incorporate additional digital services to facilitate the monitoring of the continuous casting.



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Steel Plant operations

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Precast Delta Roof for EAF - Steel


BOF Converter - Steel Refractory Solutions

BOF Converter

EAF - Steel Refractory Solutions

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

Steel Ladle - Steelmaking Refractory Solutions

Steel Ladle

RH Degasser - Steelmaking Refractory Solutions

RH Degasser

CAS-OB - Steelmaking Refractory Solutions


Tundish - Steel Refractory Solutions